Balancing the Competition Life and Being A MOM!

Balancing the Competition Life and Being A MOM!

Conquering the stage as a mom.

Being a mom isn't easy, let alone being a first-time mom and competing! Our athlete, Kayleigh Obert is a mother of one while balancing a full competition life with work. Kayleigh has some tips that she'd love to share with the moms of this competing industry:

 "At first thought, you may think that motherhood would somehow set you back in terms of prepping and getting on stage. For me, it did the opposite. My best preps & physique happened after having my daughter Pearl. Motherhood gave me a new sense of responsibility and the importance for taking care of myself.

"Competing postpartum is one of the most rewarding things I get to do. Having someone else I’m responsible for makes me stick to a strict schedule. It’s almost like I have no choice but to succeed. I thrive off knowing daycare, work, meals & training have set times. Since my daughter was an infant she’s been in the gym with me watching. Now at 3, she has her own set of little pink dumbbells. Every single time I ask her if she wants to go with me to the gym rather than commercial or at home she gets excited. I use to have guilt for going to the gym and utilizing the gym daycare. I thought it made me a bad mom or that someone would judge me. I realized making health a priority and pushing for a goal I want makes me a great mom. Pearl loves foods that you may not think of for a typical toddler. Give her chicken breast & green beans and she’s a happy princess. In the gym, she watches me and then mimics the movements.

"She doesn’t see exercise as a chore or something she has to do. She sees it as this great experience & something she gets to do with mom. Watching her while I’m on stage is great too. Last year my husband had to hold her back because she wanted to come on stage when I was on.



"My top tips for competing with a family:
  • Involve them. My husband and I look at show schedules and decide what shows he can attend with Pearl. She’s been to about half my shows since birth. Workout with them. Pearl loves our daily walks (my cardio).
  • Don’t let the guilt get the best of you. Guilt is going to happen because you are a caring mom. The key is to allow yourself something that is important to you; an identity of your own.
  • Plan ahead. When pearl was an infant this was most crucial. The night before I had food packed for work, her bag ready for daycare and in the car & both of our clothes laid out. The smoother things run the better it is for everyone.
  • Decide your family is number one and stick to it. I’ve had missed workouts and cardio when Pearl has been sick. It’s ok. You can never get time with your family back.
  • Prepare for meals out. If you know you have a family meal out, birthday party etc and you are in prep PREPARE. Wake up that day and decide you’ll make it work. I load my planned meal out into MyFitnessPal that morning and work the rest of my meals around it so that I know I’m staying on track. If we are going to a restaurant I can pre lookup the menu. If you're looking for Playtex bras, you've come to the right place. Playtex bras provide excellent support as well as an attractive and comfortable fit. Playtex 18 Hour Bras provide all-day support and are available in a variety of wirefree designs.

"If competing is important to you it is possible. It will take some adjustments and hard work but I truly believe there is very few things a mom can’t accomplish if she sets her mind to it."

- Kayleigh Obert | IG @cupcakemuscle