Care Instructions

We also recommend using Fels Naptha Laundry Stain Remover to hand wash your Bikini.

Payment Plan

We offer a couple different payment plans.

  1. AfterPay - If you qualify for AfterPay, your payments will be broken up into four installments within 2 months. USA only.
  2. Half deposit to start and remainder due when suit is completed. Must email us to take advantage of this offer.

What is the difference between Micro-Cut, Pro-Cut, Brazilian, and Mid-Coverage?

How to take my hipbone measurement and underbust?

Using a dressmaker’s tape, measure straight around the hip bones where the bikini will sit.

If you want to wear your bikini higher on the sides, measure where you your bikini will normally sit at hip bone and let us know you want to wear it higher and we will adjust accordingly.

Measure around the underboob to get the under bust measurement.

What if I don't have a measuring tape?

You can take a piece of string or anything you think might work.

Take your measurement around, mark the measurement and lay it against a ruler.

What do I do if I'm not 100% sure what my fit and sizing?

Choose the sizing based on what you normally wear. If you’re top size is bigger than a XL we can make a custom fit top for you.

When our dream team receives your order, we’ll look over it to make sure everything looks correct.

I still have a little way to go on prep. How will sizing work?

Your final measurements will not be required until your bikini is completed.

If your bikini is done and you still have to cut, we can always sew it tighter for you.

We want to make sure your bikini fits like a glove. If for any reason, you need it to be taken in/out please let us know.

I am 20 weeks from my show. Is it too early to order a suit?

Your bikini can be ordered at any time, but obviously, the closer to show date, the better.

When you go to place your order, we will just need your basic measurements, such as current bra size, implant or no implant, height, and weight.

Once your bikini is complete and ready to ship we will contact you to get your final measurement. If you would like us to sew the bottoms a little tighter because you will be cutting more, please let us know.

If I know my stage measurements do you want those?

If you have your stage measurements, please send those over.

How do I know what bottom coverage to get?

Every state and organization is diverse with different rules.

Most NPC competitors wear the pro cut, but in some states the NPC shows require more coverage. A lot of all natural organizations require mid coverage.

If you are unsure we suggest you look up the shows regulations.

If you still can’t confirm contact your coach or email the shows promoter and send them a photo of the coverages off our website so they can help you decide.

What if I bought the wrong bottom coverage?

Please be aware you can get disqualified. It is your responsibility to confirm the bottom coverage is acceptable.

If for any reason, you need a different coverage you can purchase extra bottoms.

Do you recommend bikini bite?

You should not have a problem with our bottoms so they are made to fit like a glove. At times when the bikini top has a lot of stuffing you might consider using bikini bite to hold it in place.

What does Regular, High-Front, C-Section and High-Hip mean?

We recommend a High Front for anyone taller than 5’6”. If you are concern with your C-Section scar, select that coverage.

Keep in mind, we review all orders and we make sure the cut is the best fit for you.

Can I customize the bottom front cut of my bikini?

Yes, if you have special instructions for your coverage, please place it in the notes.

We will contact you if we have any questions.

I got my top and it seems a little small. What can I do?

Bikini tops can be adjusted by adding, removing, or re-adjusting bra pads. Sometimes if your bikini is fully encrusted the fabric tend to be a bit stiff.

You can gently stretch the top a little to stretch out the fabric. Also, you can adjust the top by sliding them closer or further apart.

The bottom of each cup can also be scrunched more or less to adjust the fit. Sometimes you just have to take some time to play with the top and adjust it to your liking.

If the side of the cup gapes a bit, all you have to do is tighten the neck strap. This should fix the problem.

If you like your cups to be nonadjustable we can sew the middle connecter to the cup to add more cleavage.

Please keep in mind that if the middle is sewn together, the top becomes a little less adjustable. As long as you know how to adjust your breasts you should be good to go.

I received my bikini and the bottoms are tight

If your show is still a little away, you should be fine.

Once you cut water for your competition it should be perfect. If you are still concerned with it being tight, please contact us so we can adjust them for you

We also do leave a little extra strap on the bottom in case you need to make adjustments or you want to change your connectors later. Please do not cut it off.

What kind of padding do you provide?

Not everyone needs padding, so it is not automatically included with your suit.

We do provide custom-made, high-quality bra pads for a minimal charge of $10.

We suggest you purchase the padding to have in case you need it the day of the show. They are removeable.

Can I order a crystal back connector? What is more adjustable, crystal or tie back?

You can order a crystal back connector for an extra charge.

Tie connectors are completely adjustable, while crystal back connectors can’t be adjusted.

I ordered my suit and decided not to compete. Can I cancel my order?

All orders are non-refundable.

What is your return policy?

All orders cannot be returned for any reason.

If you need to make an adjustment, we can do that.

Do you ship internationally?


Rush Orders?

If you show is coming up and you haven’t placed your order, you can select from 1 week or 2 weeks rush order option for an additional fee.

If you need it sooner, please contact us so we can take care of you.