About Us

We specialize in handmade custom competition bikinis, wellness and figure suits, blinged with top quality crystals. The crystals are heat set for a long-lasting design and our bikinis are made to fit like a glove. We provide high quality and 100% customer satisfaction so you will shine and stand out from the rest.



Just a few short years ago; Margaret Chin was just a dental assistant with a vision. She dreamt of combining her love for fitness with her passion for fashion and desire to help those around her. After a ten-year period crushing it in the dental field, Margaret had an overwhelming desire to write her own story and venture out into the unknown. It was at this point when Margaret began her quest for creating higher-quality performance swimsuits than have ever been seen or worn before. She spent hours on end teaching herself how to sew while also experimenting with various colors and textures in order to see what combinations really pop and make jaws drop. Through hard work, dedication, and years of hustling, Toxic Angelz Bikinis was established.

Not only did Margaret spend weeks at a time working in her office, but she also lived there too in order to ensure that all of her time, effort, and money went into making Toxic Angelz a success. Sure, showering at her local gym and eating take out every night wasnโ€™t Margaretโ€™s ideal situation, but it allowed her to live, work, and breath bikinis. Every penny that she earned went directly into expanding her business and eventually was able to hire an extremely talented designer with an eye for glamour. Once they moved into a larger space, the ball was officially rolling.

Bang! Seven years laterย and Margaret is still tirelessly striving to perfect every design and making sure that her equipment is up-to-date so that Toxic Angelz always has a leg up on the competition. Every day, Margaretโ€™s company is growing and gaining more and more support from people all over the world. She has six dedicated employees, many faithful contractors, and a wealth of high-end sewing machines in a gorgeous upgraded location. Margaret always puts all of her efforts into making sure that her dream comes true so that your dream bikini can become a reality!

By most peopleโ€™s standards, Margaret would have totally accomplished her goals and can now relax. THINK AGAIN! She will always be dreaming, creating, and innovating. Where will Margaret be in just a few more short years? Stay tuned to find outโ€ฆ