Congratulations to our 2020 Olympians!

Congratulations to our 2020 Olympians!

Olympia 2020
7 years ago, Margaret Bialkin (Toxic Angelz Owner), had a dream that one day just one Olympian will rock a suit that she made on the prestigious Olympian stage. Last year, we had 2 Olympians represent us on stage. This year, we will have 8 Olympians rocking our suits at the 2020 Olympia!! Margaret and the Toxic Angelz team are over the moon and so excited to see our athletes do what they love to do the most and rocking 100% Swarovski-blinged out suits from us.

Maya Astabie 

Maya AstabieMaya Soleil Astabie started competing in the NPC in 2018 and has done 3 regional shows and 3 national shows. Since earning her IFBB Pro status at USA’s in 2019, she has competed in 12 pro shows. This year, she kicked off the season earning 4th place at the Wasatch Warrior show, landed in many top callouts, and most notably earned 4th place at the Hurricane Pro, 2nd place at the Minneapolis Pro, 2nd place at Battle in the Dessert, and 2nd place at the Sacramento Championships. She is headed to the Olympia to close out her successful rookie pro season!

Ashlyn Brown

Ashlyn BrownIt’s been a long year for Ashlyn Brown as she competed year-round with one goal: 2020 Olympia qualification. That is exactly what she received after securing her spot for the prestigious Olympia in just points. Ashlyn started off the year at Spectrum Fitness's NorCal Championships and ended up qualifying in points after competing and placing 2nd place in both in Border Klash Championship and New York Pro. Ashlyn has consistently placed Top 5 in all of her pro shows and manages to do all that with her little family and being a FitBody Fusion coach. We can’t wait to see Ashlyn walk on the Olympia stage for the very first time as an Olympian!

Natoshia Coleman

Natoshia ColemanIFBB Bikini Pro Natoshia Coleman here! I’ve been competing for 8 years, 3 years as an amateur and 5 as an IFBB Pro. I am a 3X Olympian and 3X Bikini Pro Champion with one Arnold Sports Bikini International showing my rookie year. I’ve competed in about 30 shows across my entire career in the NPC/IFBB starting in 2013 to present. My personal experience has been nothing short of amazing and I could not be more grateful for how blessed I’ve been in this sport. I have achieved so many benchmarks that some Bikini Pros have not and may never have the opportunity to experience so I don’t take my accomplishments lightly. My rookie year I won my first Pro show which qualified me for that year’s Olympia weeks after turning Pro at NPC Universe in 2016. Following the Olympia I was blessed with my first Arnold Bikini International invitation, my 3rd Pro Show. These benchmarks set the tone for my career, I understood I was not intended on being the average IFBB Bikini Pro. There was purpose and a responsibility that I carried although unspoken. From that moment forward I continued to rise, staying in the Top 5 and Top 3 placings. Although falling at points in my career they never discouraged me, they only pushed me forward. Now being the first ever IFBB Bikini Pro to WIN a Pro show and now the first Bikini Pro EVER to step on the Olympia stage with shorter hair than the rest... this year will monumental for so many people competing in the NPC looking for someone who looks like them in any way on that stage. From brown girls to pixie girls they will be seen and appreciated. I can not wait to show the world that although long luxurious locks are stunning so are the short hair girls. We’ve come to make noise unapologetically.

Jennifer Dorie

Jennifer DorieJennifer Dorie turned pro in 2018 and made it to the Olympia her rookie year as an IFBB Bikini Pro. Since then, she has done 12 pro shows so far and this will be her 3rd Olympia! Jennifer had her first pro win earlier this year at Tampa Pro 2020, taking home 1st place and earning that Olympia qualification for Olympia 2020. 

1st pro win- Tampa pro 2020

2020 Tampa Pro - 1st Place

2019 Olympia- 5th Place

2019 Arnold classic- 4th Place

2018 Olympia - 10th Place

Lexus Redmond

Lexus RedmondI've been competing since October of 2016. My first show was Best of the West in Reno, NV. I earned 2nd in both Open and Novice. Once I stepped off the stage I knew immediately that I wanted to keep going.  Following that I compete in 4 other regional shows and 4 Pro qualifiers. I earned my pro card at the Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas 2019. That same weekend I found a coach and started prepping for my pro debut. I competed at The Legends Classic in Feb 2020 and took top 3. The next four shows I had planned were canceled or postponed due to COVID. So we just kept going until things opened back up. Once that happened, I competed at the Wasatch Warrior. I earned the title of Pro Bikini Champion and my Olympia qualification. That weekend was the best weekend of my life. I’ve met amazing people through competitions, who have helped me grow as a competitor and just in general. Looking forward to meeting more this week!

Alexandria Ross

Alexandria RossHi! I’m Alex and I became an IFBB Bikini pro after winning the overall title at the 2018 NPC national championships in Miami, Florida. Turning pro didn’t come easy for me- I had to put in the work! 

I started competing in 2013 & had done 8 national shows prior to earning my pro card. I kicked off my pro career pretty fast, and did my pro debut March of 2019- 4 months after turning pro. Things went very well for me, and not only did I get a win as a rookie pro but also qualified for the 2019 Olympia with the points system in place; I had to do A LOT of shows to rack up points, phew! This year I took it easy, and planned for 3 pro shows; Tahoe, Texas, and Chicago. I wanted to get in front of different judging panels and get feedback as well as make sure I allowed myself some downtime. I ended up winning the last show of the year to qualify for the 2020 Olympia, the Chicago Pro! It was a dream come true and very surreal.  Now I’m headed into my 2nd Olympia as a 2nd year pro, and looking forward to being the best version of me and rocking my beautiful Toxic Suit!!!