4 Back Options with Toxic Angelz Logo and Two Competitors

Finding the Best Back Option for You!

Every athlete has different styles in terms of designing their competition suits and this includes add-on options. For the back of your competition top, we have a couple different back options for you to choose from. This is a general guide to help you figure out which option is the best choice for you.



Standard Back Ties

All of our competition suits come with the standard back ties. This is the most popular option and best for athletes with natural breasts, who plan on adding bra pads & pillow stuffing to their tops to enhance the fullness. Having the ties will allow the athlete to tighten the top as much as they need to secure the stuffing in place. The only disclaimer about this option is that it is common where the athlete does not tie their top tight enough and this will cause the bottom of their breasts to come out from underneath their top. If this option is chosen, please make sure that your top is tied tightly on show day!



Back Connectors with Hook

This back option has become quite popular over the years and creates a seamless look on stage. We recommend this option for ladies who have breast implants and do not need additional stuffing for a fuller look. Since the breast implants are already in place, the back connector is sewn to the athlete’s underbust measurement. The underbust measurement will not change much by the time the competition suit is completed closer to the athlete’s show date. The underbust is right underneath the breasts, around the ribcage. The best way to measure for this option is without a bra and without holding your breath. This will ensure that the back connector will hook comfortably.

Our IFBB Pro & Olympian, Jessie Palmer, has always worn a back connector with hook for all of her suits. This creates a beautiful and seamless look for the stage. Her underbust measurements remains the same through the years that she has worn the suit.

Back Connectors with Ties

This is one of our newest back options and has been getting very popular. For athletes who need to have the option of being able to tie their back, but still want the sparkle, you can select this option. You will get the back connector as well as  the strings to tie your top together and adjust if needed. This will give the athlete flexibility on shown day.


Our IFBB Bikini Pro, Ashlyn Little, wears a Back    Connector with Ties for the extra sparkle and  flexibility to adjust her back. Ashlyn is wearing a  TA-  1 (back connector) and her suit is the Toxic Full Scatter in Holo Royal!




Back Hook

The back hook is the last back option. This is a very simple hook that hooks the back together for a simple, string look without the extra sparkle. If you are a simple person who wants the back hooked to your underbust size, this is the option for you.


Our IFBB Bikini Pro, Mahsa Akbarimehr, wears a back hook in her stage photo. It’s very subtle and creates a clean, seamless look for her suit.


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