Finding the Correct Front Coverage for Your Body

Finding the Correct Front Coverage for Your Body

Athletes range in so many different sizes and heights, so it is important that we select the correct coverages to complement your body. We do offer a general guideline of the front coverages that we would recommend for your body type, however, there will always be some exceptions.


If you measure from the center of your crotch up your front, towards your abdomen, this would measure about 7 inches. We recommend this front coverage for ladies who are 5’4” and under with a shorter torso. If you have a very petite frame and your torso is not exceptionally long, we would recommend sticking with this coverage. (Example: Ashlyn Little is wearing a Regular front coverage with high hip option).

High Front

If an athlete is between 5’5” to 5’8” or has a longer torso, we recommend going with a higher front. There have been exceptions when there are athletes who are under 5’4” with a longer torso, so they would need this high front coverage. Best way is to measure from the center of your crotch towards your abdomen, as this front coverage will be about 7.5” high. If you are more comfortable with a little more coverage, it doesn’t hurt to go up in size as this will keep your areas hidden where they should be. (Example: Noel Zayour is 5’0” tall, but her torso is a little bit longer, making the high front a perfect fit for her front coverage).

Extra High

If you have a C-section scar, tummy tuck scar, or any type of scars, we recommend going with this front coverage as this will properly cover your scars. If you are unsure of your front coverage due to the placement of your scar, please book a consultation with us and we will help you find the best fit for you. This coverage is also best recommended for ladies between 5’9” and 5’10” and/or long torso. For example, we have had a 5’4” athlete wear an Extra High front coverage because her torso was extremely long with a longer pelvic area. (Example: Emily Hayden is on the taller side, but not quite within our general height range. She has a more muscular build and longer torso, making the Extra High coverage the best selection for her.).

Extra High Plus

Plus Athletes over 5’10” usually have to use this coverage or something more, due to their height and torso length. This coverage is about 8.25” from the crotch up towards the abdomen.

Extra High Plus 1

This is a popular coverage for ladies cover 6’0” as it adds enough front coverage for someone of that height along with their lengthy torso that comes along with it. Most ladies who fall into the guideline for Extra High and Extra High Plus usually end up selecting the Extra High Plus 1 because of the way it works out for their body type. (Example: Lauralie Chapados wears this Extra High Plus 1 coverage because she has a very long torso, especially in her posing. She looks very tall on stage, but because of her front coverage, this helps her even out the entire look).






High Hip

This option can be paired with any other front coverage because this means we are adding extra fabric on the side that connects to the connectors. This is NOT the front coverage (how high it goes up towards your abdomen), but rather, allowing you to pull your connectors higher up on your hips. This option will work best for ladies over 5’2” or have a longer torso. Typically, ladies under 5’2” are able to pull the connectors high up on their hips without having to add the extra fabric (high hip option) because they are already very petite. (Example: Maria Carvajal is 5’2” but she has a longer torso and tends to pull the connectors much higher on your hips than most athletes).

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