How Do You Train for A Bikini Competition?

How Do You Train for A Bikini Competition?

Bikini competitions are steadily growing in popularity. Each year, more than 15,000 women compete in National Physique Committee (NPC) competitions. Achieving a sculpted body for a bikini competition is not easy. Discipline, hard work, and dedication are the keys to success. However, being physically prepared for a competition isn’t enough, competitors must be mentally prepared as well.

Preparing for a competition can take anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the shape and metabolism rate the athlete is in. Women who are already in good shape can usually achieve their desired body in about 12 weeks, but that's not to say other factors can play a role in the competition prep. Most women will need at 18 weeks or more to reach competition level leanness. For some competitors, preparing for a competition can be almost a year-round preparation.

A core part of preparing for a bikini, wellness, or figure competition is understanding that you can't lose weight overnight. The saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," applies to your fitness journey as well. Building muscle and losing fat will take time, especially since both cannot be done at the same time. Many competition coaches and health experts warn against the use of fad diets and unnatural methods to lose weight fast as they can have long-term effects.

It is important that athletes try to lose weight as naturally as possible to avoid side effects. The general weight loss program recommends that you should aim to lose up to two pounds a week for a healthy weight loss.


A healthy diet is the cornerstone of an effective training program. To lose weight, one must be in a deficit in calories. Every competitor range will be different due to their metabolic rate, activity levels, and size. Competitors must add nutrient-dense and voluminous foods into their diet to maintain fullness and fuel throughout their prep. It is important to eat the right types of food at the right time to fuel for the workouts.


For the first eight weeks of preparation, aim to do 45-minute cardio sessions 5 times a week alongside your strength training regimen. One month before the competition, increase the duration and frequency of your sessions to 60-minute cardio sessions7 times a week. If you get bored easily, try mixing exercises to keep you and your body excited.

Many coaches recommend interval training to avoid overuse injury. Train your muscles five days a week. Decide which muscle groups you want to train each day of the week and stick to that plan.


Women participating in a women’s physique competition compete in different categories:
• Bikini
• Figure
• Fitness
• Physique
• Bodybuilding.
Each category has its unique set of requirements with respect to muscle size and leanness.

Of all categories, the Bikini division is for participants with the least muscle mass. To be eligible to compete in this category, participants must have full round glutes with separation between the hamstring and glute areas, moderately round delts, and a foundation of muscles for a feminine body shape.

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