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How to Choose the Right Competition Bikini for Your Bodybuilding Division

Let’s face it, in the dazzling universe of bodybuilding, your Fitness Competition Bikini is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement. It’s the sparkle that complements your muscles, the glitz that mirrors your grit, and the glam that celebrates your gains. But with a sea of styles, colors, and bling, picking the perfect one can feel like searching for a needle in a (very sparkly) haystack.

This guide is your golden ticket to navigating the competition bikini world. Whether you're a pumped-up pro or a fabulous first-timer, we're here to add some pizzazz to the process. From the sassy and sparkly bikinis of the Bikini division to the poised and powerful looks of the Women’s Physique, we've got your back (and your front!).

Think of this as your backstage pass to understanding what makes each division unique and how you can shine in your own special way. We’ll talk cuts, colors, and crystals, and throw in some insider tips to make sure your bikini fits like a glove and dazzles like a diamond. So let’s dive in.

The Bikini Division

Think of the Bikini division as the Oscars red carpet of bodybuilding. It’s all about bringing the sizzle and the sparkle! Your mission? To find a bikini that screams 'Hollywood starlet' with a dash of 'superheroine'.

Top Tips: Our tops have inserts inside that will allow you to add any additional bra pads and pillow stuffing to create a fuller look. We always recommend sizing up 1-2 sizes if you plan on adding any padding. This will allow the top to have room and will help that fuller look on your chest!

Bottoms Up: We offer 4 different front types for our bikini division: Traditional, Bikini Scoop, Wellness Connectors, and Wellness Fabric. For the bottom coverage, we're know to have the perfect V shape that cups your glutes perfectly to create more roundness on stage!

Bottom CoverageBikinis / Wellness Front TypeTop Style

The Figure Division

Now, stepping into the Figure division is like stepping into a Renaissance painting. We’re talking class, elegance, and muscles that would make Michelangelo drop his chisel.

Top Style: We want to make sure our figure competitors are showcasing their lats on stage! This means having a top that perfectly covers their breasts, but not too wide where it will cover their lats. In this case, we offer multiple top styles to help you customize your look for the stage.

Bottom Line: Your bottom coverage will depend on the federation you are competing in along with your frame. Figure bottoms do have a bit more coverage, but it can be customized to fit you proportionately.<.p>

Colors and Sparkles: Bold is beautiful! But let’s keep the crystal ball a tad less crystal-y than in the Bikini division.

Figure Bottoms

Women’s Physique Division

Welcome to the Women’s Physique division, where it’s all about letting those muscles do the talking. Think of your bikini as the best supporting actress - important but not stealing the show.

• Simple Chic: Tops that are more understated, because let’s face it, your muscles are the main event.

• Understated Elegance: Bottoms that offer a bit more coverage. It’s like the classy little black dress of bikinis.

 Color Me Strong: Solid colors that say 'I’m here to slay', with just a hint of bling because you still deserve to sparkle.

Remember, the key to the perfect competition bikini, is one that makes you feel confident. It should hug your body like a long-lost friend and shine like the star you are. For a consultation with one of our competition bikini experts, reach out to us at Toxic Angelz Bikinis today. We’re available for both online and in-person consultations as well as fittings and adjustments.