woman wearing a blue bikini

Importance of Backup Suits and Stylistic Choices in Bikini Competitions

We can never have too many suits! Sometimes we never know how our tan ends up looking, if our hair and makeup compliments our entire look, or (pray it doesn’t happen), something happens with a connector or a stitch!

Woman wearing green bikini standing on stageToxic Angelz Bikinis are at most NPC National shows as well as a handful of regional shows all across the states, so if you need assistance with your suit, send us a message on our main Instagram page or email us at hello@toxicangelzbikinis.com. We are experts in Figure Competition Suits in California, and are on hand to assist you on the day. Reach out to verify if we will be attending your show so we can arrange an adjustment before your big day, to make sure you’re perfect on stage! If we are not attending your show and something happens the day of, having a backup suit comes in really handy!

It’s great to have a suit in multiple colors to help bring out that “pop” and “it factor” in your overall presentation! I tend to be someone that happens to be in between colors; do I want to go with a jade, a blue, or even a red? How am I going to wear my hair? Straight? Soft curls? What about my makeup? Soft pink? Gold and bronze? Should I go with a spicy and fierce red for a sexy and commanding look, or a flirty blue for a soft and powerful feminine look?

As a suit stylist/designer and a posing and presentation Coach, these are things I consider whenever I put a look together for my clients. If you are a competitor who is unsure of what colors best fit you, book a call with me (Trisha), Kat, Mary, or Margaret and we will happily assist you with putting together a look for you!

If you are interested in Figure Competition Suits in California and need help, please click here to book a virtual appointment or in-person fitting today or call us at (925) 338-1516.