A 145 lbs. Weightloss Transformation

A 145 lbs. Weightloss Transformation

We are so excited to introduce one of our newest athletes, Michelle Farraj. Her story inspired us so much that we wanted to share a little piece of what she had to say on our blog. Her journey was nowhere near easy, but it's all the motivation we all need during these crazy times!

"Finding confidence in my weight loss journey was and still is one of the biggest battles I'd have to fight often. Going from an extremely different body where I felt trapped, sad, always wishing for a life I have today then transforming into the person I am today where most days, I feel pretty & and free, and in all honestly confident.

"It takes a lot out of somebody to tell themselves they need to change. And the work over the years leading up to this moment; all the days I pushed myself to go as hard as possible. It came to a point where I've lost the weight, but now I have a new life & I'm a completely new person in a sense it became time to work on the inside aspect of my journey and I had to start with, how I look at myself.

"Tough pill to swallow most days, lots of people say I'm lucky to have my body, and I am. But how do you tell somebody with a body they've never had before, that this is their new life and you've come so far, it's like I have no choice but to love it!

ย "I started with being nice to myself. No more "I hate this, I don't like this about me", it started to become a new thing to talk to myself out loud and remind myself constantly, I deserve to feel good. Then I'd go on to hype myself up a lot, to embrace myself and the life I live in today; it made a world of a difference. I feel happy, free, of course, I have my extreme lows where I'm reminded "okay but, that WAS your life" and old habits creep along. But it's all apart of the decision I made to get here, it comes along in the journey! Finding the balance and focusing on the positives has been the most essential; I hope this motivates somebody else to chase after something they've wanted to accomplish!"

Written by: Michelle Farraj | IG @michobabyy