The Benefits Of Professional Stage Makeup

The Benefits Of Professional Stage Makeup

So, you’re 1 day out and you’re with your friends. You’re all discussing what you’ll eat after and who’s doing your makeup and hair for the stage. You’re looking around wondering why you didn’t know you needed someone to do this for you. THAT’S COMMON! In the chaos of planning this big day for yourself, you didn’t realize your hair and makeup routine would be a little different than date night. Well, its too late now.. and the morning has come! There you are, high key stressing after you notice that your foundation is literally the shade Edward Scissor hands next to your tan. You try to brush it off but then you see all your girlfriends with their makeup is done and you’re kicking yourself for not thinking about this!

Has this ever happened to you?

Or maybe your foundation was too dark! Or you just didn’t know how to pick the right shade!

It happened to me too.

I started to do makeup for competitors in 2016 when I had my friends asking for assistance. I didn’t realize then that there was a need for this! In 2017 I dove right in and have learned so much along the way.

One thing being.. these girls need me. Please, before you say I have a big head I don’t walk around flipping my hair to that idea. I don’t take it lightly. My clients rely on me to be there. Not just to make sure they look bomb AF but to take some show day stress off their shoulders. My clients know they can rely on me to be on time and fair to every client. They know the integrity behind my brand and that helps them sleep the night before.

I asked my clients what it is they value about getting their makeup done on show day.

10/10 said It relieves stress.
10/10 said they don’t have to worry cause they know they’ll look amazing.
7/10 said they know they will get in some good laughs with me ( not important but hey they said it not me :P )
10/10 said getting their makeup done gives them the biggest boost of confidence!

Getting your makeup done isn’t about just having a pretty face. Getting your makeup done on show day is also an experience! You get to experience a moment of relaxation. You get to experience self-love but most importantly you get to experience confidence like you’ve maybe next experienced before. You worked so hard and this moment is when it all comes together. If you are interested in wholesale hats and caps, you can check this website. They have a great selection of headwear for men, women and children. They also provide a superior service.

I do my hair toss
Check my nails
Baby how you feelin'?
Feeling good as hell

Honestly, it's not about whether or not you can do your own makeup. It's about knowing you get a moment to relax, make new friends, and feel beautiful as ever. It's important to take some stress off yourself and let someone else stress for you. The last thing you want after prepping for what felt like a lifetime is to have your cortisol levels ruin your look. Trust in a professional and enjoy the day!

- Carolyn
IG: @Carolyn_Posted