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Toxic Vampire Red

Holo Dark Red

Holo Red

Twinkle Dark Red

Foil Red

Tricot Red

Twinkle Red

Toxic Burgundy

Toxic Coral

Holo Pink Silver

Tricot Coral

Toxic Light Pink

Toxic Pink

Tricot Hot Pink

Holo Hot Pink

Tricot Fuchsia

Tricot Lilac

Toxic Fuchsia Purple

Twinkle Magenta

Twinkle Lilac

Toxic Fuchsia

Holo Purple

Foil Purple

Toxic Purple

Holo Fuchsia

Holo Indigo

Tricot Royal

Toxic Twilight

Toxic Cobalt Gunmetal

Holo Dark Blue

Twinkle Blue

Foil Royal

Toxic Royal

Holo Royal

Toxic Navy

Toxic Baby Blue

Holo Turquoise

Toxic Turquoise

Foil Turquoise

Tricot Periwinkle

Twinkle Teal

Holo Teal

Holo Emerald

Tricot Jade

Twinkle Emerald

Toxic Teal

Toxic Mermaid

Toxic Hawaii Mint

Holo Kelly Green

Foil Green

Toxic Kelly Green

Holo Shamrock

Toxic Lime

Holo Lime

Tricot Lime

Tricot Aquamarine

Tricot Mint

Twinkle Hunter

Twinkle Seafoam

Toxic Kelly Gold

Holo Black Gold

Toxic Champagne

Toxic Gold

Toxic Yellow

Tricot Yellow

Holo Orange

Foil Copper

Toxic Orange

Tricot Copper

Tricot Orange

Tricot White

Twinkle White

Holo White

Twinkle Black

Tricot Gunmetal

Toxic Midnight

Holo Black

Toxic Black