2022 Ms. Bikini Olympia Recap

2022 Ms. Bikini Olympia Recap

2022 Ms. Bikini Olympia Recap
Written by Mary Quimson

Mr. Olympia is best described as “the Super Bowl” of bodybuilding. This is where the top athletes in the world come together to compete for the ranks. In order to qualify for this show, one would need to have won a show in the IFBB Pro League.

Toxic Ultimate Burst - Holo Purple (TUB-029)

Last year, Jennifer Dorie won the 2021 Ms. Bikini Olympia title. This year, Jennifer Dorie finished in 2nd place with Maureen Blanquisco as the new 2022 Ms. Bikini Olympia Champ! It was a close competition and we’re so proud of all of our athletes for bringing their absolute best to this prestigious stage. Jen did rock a new suit design this year– Toxic Ultimate Burst, which is an ombre design starting from the center of each bikini top, bursting outward with a light to dark gradient. We both wanted to keep the purple look, but switch it up just a little and this was the perfect combination of both!



Toxic Full Scatter - Velvet Royal (TFS-148)

This is Aimee Delgado’s first year qualifying for the Olympia! She won her 2nd pro show earlier this year and was able to bring a competitive look to the stage, earning her a 6th place finish among many returning Olympians! Aimee won her first pro show in a deeper blue (SKU: TU-090), but wanted something a little brighter with more shimmer for the big stage. We ended up using Velvet Royal with a mix of brighter blue crystals, but still keeping a rich, blue color since that’s what she looks good in! What a way to end her rookie pro year. This may be her first time on the Olympia stage, but it certainly won’t be her last.



Velvet Magenta TFS-133

Jourdanne Lee is one of our OG athletes and has been on fire this competition season, taking home 5 pro wins! We love seeing her in this beautiful Velvet Magenta, which she also wore at the 2021 Olympia stage. It’s been a crowd favorite and we’re loving the pink vibes too! The only thing we switched up was changing her regular bottoms to the Wellness with Connectors so she can have the V-taper in the front of the bottoms. Jourdanne finished with 11th place out of 53 IFBB bikini pros last weekend. She’s not done yet!


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Toxic Black TFS-021 Holo Ocean Blue TFS-046

Holo Royal TFS-155 Tricot Mint TFS-150

Holo Red W-049 Tricot Aquamarine TFS-147

Tricot Berry TFS-071 Holo Red TFS-146

Twinkel Blue TFS-102 Holo Red TFS-039

Holo Red TFS-086  Twinkle Emerald TFS-012