Building Friendships through Competing

Building Friendships through Competing

Finding your tribe through competing is possible!


In 2012 I was around 200lbs and miserable. I decided to make a change and that's how health, fitness, and competitions became a very important part of my life. My habits changed for the better. I shifted my focus and goals to something else and not everyone understood it.

In our world of bodybuilding and competing, we don't really talk about the effects on our relationships, the sacrifices we make, and some of the friendships we lose. Competing takes A) if not all, most of your time, B) tremendous discipline, C) perseverance, and D) supportive people. Not everyone understood why I wouldn't take just one bite of that cookie, skip cardio that one day, or why I was depriving myself of my favorite foods. Some friendships have unfortunately evaporated and some have evolved since I began this part of my life. It honestly sucks having to let go of people or sometimes them letting go of you when you don’t share the same values and goals anymore.

Now that I pretty much had a negative part on why some people just can't deal with people that compete... now I can express how amazing it is to meet people that can deal. My first show back in 2016, before Instagram is what it is now, I met one girl backstage and we still talk here there. It was so amazing to meet someone who loved peanut butter as much as I did and understood what I went through to get to the stage. We instantly shared a bond together and barely knew each other. Now we have all these social media platforms that connect us to fellow competitors around the globe. My closest friends I have met through competing and expos and they live all over the country. The love of my life and I were tied together because we both competed and now we share a family together and support each other on and off the stage. I don’t get mad if he’s at the gym late and he puts up with my craziness on prep too. We just understand what it takes and don’t take it personally. Something just clicks differently when you have people in your life that compete. It's almost like you have this instant bond, they get it and you don't have to explain yourself. I also know that if they compete or have in the past they don't settle for less from the people around them or themselves. We hold each other to a higher standard.

Not everyone gets the reasons why we compete and that’s okay, sometimes you need people in your life that don’t compete to keep you straight. It is so important to have the right people in your life off and on the stage. Be picky about your circle. I cannot stress that enough. In summary, this life has brought me friendships, business opportunities, life lessons, and love. I am so thankful for how competing has played a vital role in my friendships and continues to play such a huge role now years later.

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