Custom Coverages Make a Difference!

Custom Coverages Make a Difference!

Custom Coverages Make a Difference!
Written by Sierra Swann

Just like everything else in the bodybuilding world, suit coverages have evolved. In my time competing, the suit coverages didn’t start changing really until the last year or two. Back in 2015-2017, we knew two bottom coverages: Brazilian and Pro. Today, we have more variety of bottom coverage, front coverage, and top styles. Just like how each individual’s physique is unique to them, so should their suit.

Green BikiniLast year, the judges’ feedback for me regarding my suit was that the coverage on my previous suit caused my glutes to appear “swallowed” on stage. That was when I decided that I needed to make the switch to something that would aid me in my physique as well as my competition career.

Toward the end of my 2021 season, I decided to switch over to Toxic Angelz Bikinis and purchase my first bikini from them. This became a revolutionary decision for me and my bodybuilding career. I finally had a suit that was custom made exactly for my physique and really accentuated my glutes properly. The Toxic Angelz team provided tons of information on top sizing and explained why they recommended a larger top size for me to appear more proportionate as I was flat-chested (this was before my breast augmentation).

After competing in my first Toxic Angelz suit, I reached out to the team and wanted to see how we could bring a higher hip coverage for me since I have thicker obliques (even though I don’t train them!) I don’t have the biggest glutes and I wanted to find a balance in creating that look where my waist can look much smaller on stage. The team created new bottoms for me, which was the Wellness V-front coverage to create that elongated torso and small waist look. If you look at the photo on the right, you can see that I am able to pull my connectors higher on my hips due to the V-shaped front coverage.

Bikini Posing(Pictured Left) This was the look I brought on stage to the 2021 Mr. Olympia and received feedback from judges, who have previously judged me but were just at the Olympia watching. They mentioned that this cut was “IT” and this was perfect for my shape and physique. So, while I wear more of a “wellness” cut bottom, it’s what helps me showcase my physique and hard work the best. My overall look was displayed in the best way and that happened because I decided to make a change for myself.


Everyone has a different physique so their suit bottom and top should tailor to it. Don’t get overlooked and let your hard work be missed by not wearing what’s best for you. *You can follow Sierra Swann’s journey to her upcoming 2023 Mr. Olympia on her Instagram here. 




A Message from Toxic Angelz Bikinis

With a wide range in different types of fitness competitions, we provide a variety of bottom coverages to make sure that athletes meet their competition requirements in order to compete. We recommend always checking with your event/show promoter, coach, or a judge to get an idea of what is the recommended bottom coverage for your division. Most of this information is always available on the event website.

 If you are interested in designing a suit and need help, please click here to book a virtual appointment or in-person fitting today or call us at (925) 338-1516.