Correct Bottom Coverage

How Do You Find the Correct Bottom Coverage for Your Body?

With a wide range of types of fitness competitions, we offer a variety of bottom coverages to make sure that athletes meet their competition requirements in order to compete. We recommend always checking with your event/show promoter, coach, or a judge to get an idea of the recommended bottom coverage for your division. Typically, most of this information is always available on the event website.


We only recommend this coverage for IFBB pros as this is the smallest bottom coverage that we provide. Most federations will not allow this unless the athlete has an extremely petite frame. We recommend that you speak to your coach or an event coordinator before ordering this coverage to avoid paying an extra fee to remake the bottoms.

Micro Pro

This bottom coverage is generally recommended for ladies 5’1” and under with a petite frame. The Pro cut is usually the most popular choice and is generally the coverage selected for most federations. However, if the athlete is on the more petite side, the Micro Pro will look like Pro cut when worn correctly.


This is our most popular and highly recommended bottom coverage for most of our athletes. Most federations such as the NPC, INBA, WNBA, NFF, and OCB will have pro cut listed as their required bottom coverage for bikini athletes competing. Wellness athletes will have a pro cut bottom coverage requirement as well.

TIP: If you are in between a Micro or a Pro, we recommend going with a Pro bottom coverage and asking us to scrunch up the bottoms a little more to create a “Micro Pro” look without losing the excess fabric. This way, if you ever need to expand the bottoms a little more for coverage, you can always have us take out the stitching to unscrunch it.


This is our bottom coverage that covers about 30% off your glutes. It is recommended for ladies who have fuller glutes and want more coverage. Federations like the NANBF, WNBF, and IDFA require Brazilian bottom coverage for their competitions.


This is our 50% coverage bottoms and has more of the full-coverage look. The GBO federation recommends this bottom coverage for all their female athletes.


This is a custom bottom coverage that requires more fabric and offers about 75% coverage. Most sanctioned events do not require this coverage. However, there are events that athletes will partake in that make this a more suitable bottom coverage. (For example: Summer Shredding events in Texas). This bottom coverage will be an additional starting cost of $60 due to the extra fabric and crystals needed to create this coverage. To order this coverage, you will need to speak to a suit stylist and we will help you put together your custom order.

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