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How is the Bikini Division Judged?

How is the Bikini Division Judged?
Written by Lexa Rukstela


Bikini judging may seem like a mystery, but it truly is just a combination of these 4 things!

1. Muscularity
2. Condition
3. Symmetry
4. Presentation

Let's dive deeper into each of these together! 

Muscularity: The perfect bikini physique displays a foundation of muscle that brings shape to the female frame. This doesn’t just mean glutes and delts! This includes quads, lats, hamstrings, and arms. The emphasis is on a complete foundation of muscle. 

Conditioning: Think about Goldilocks and the 3 bears-- not too much, not too little...just right! We need just enough conditioning to bring the musculature to life, but not so much bikini starts to bleed into figure or women’s physique. There should be definition to the core, a slight separation between the glutes and hamstrings, and a roundness to the delts. The judges don't like to see feathering, too much separation, or striations anywhere on the bikini physique! 

Symmetry: This is one of the most important components of a winning bikini shape! Bikini is about balancing muscle on the body, instead of an overpowering lower body with a smaller upper body as seen in wellness. In short, no muscle group should overpower another, your physique should flow harmoniously together into one cohesive package. 

Presentation: This is all about your “IT” Factor, the way you display your physique on stage. Your posing, facial expressions, suit, hair, makeup, tan, walk, and eye contact all tell the story of who you are. You decide how you want to be seen and remembered. This is where Toxic Angelz suits come into play! The cut of your bikini enhances and adds shape to your already amazing physique to be the metaphorical, glamorous cherry-on-top to put you a head above the rest.

If you have ever received feedback from the judges or if you didn't receive the placing you had hoped for--it comes down to 1 or more of these 4 things. Notice I didn't mention a genetic component like height or stature (although this can help!). The judges want to see the perfect mixture of these components on your frame--they want to see you present your best package with these pieces in mind. 

Toxic Angelz Bikinis has been helping ladies rock their best selves on stage for years! When it comes to competition bikinis, look no further! If you are interested in designing a suit and need help, please click here to book a virtual appointment or in-person fitting today or call us at (925) 338-1516.