Importance of a Female Community

Importance of a Female Community

IFBB Bikini Pro, Shelby Pierce, has an important message to our fellow girl tribe and why it is very important to have a tribe of ladies supporting each other during this journey. Here's what she has to say:

I am an IFBB Bikini Pro and Coach for FitBody Fusion. One of the biggest things as a team, we pride ourselves on, is the camaraderie and support within our fitness family. We are here to promote and encourage female empowerment by providing a platform for women to become not only strong and healthy but also to give them the opportunity to become top athletes within the rising fitness industry.  Our core values are carried out by each team member and Coach on the team, on and off the stage. There is nothing more empowering than wearing your self - confidence proud and loving what you see in the mirror and feel in your heart. Women in the fitness industry are excellent role models for others. Beyond just fitness goals, this opportunity allows us to find a sense of belonging and purpose. The community of women we have all built is what will support us through the challenging times, on and off the stage, elevate our sense of fun to a whole new level and remind us of the most special aspect of all, which is that we are all in this together! Getting on stage may be a solo affair, but what goes on behind the scenes and leading up to that point is a team effort. The longevity of your endeavors is found in a community of like-minded women. The friendships formed will last a lifetime, long after the heels and bikinis come off.





Personally, this platform has allowed me to make a bigger impact than I ever could have dreamed of. It’s the connection I share with my clients and teammates that really fills me! We show up stronger for those when they need it and we use our voice when it needs to be heard. Strong is the new sexy and pushing and exceeding the limits is always the goal. We have so much pride in the way our teammates encourage each other and grow individually, as well as a group. Because of the friendships and support, so many of our ladies shock themselves, not only from the physical accomplishments but also in the way they have been challenged to reframe their state of mind They take their highest responsibility in becoming exactly who they want to be, and this shows up in every other area of our daily lives.

I love that I am able to lead by example and provide genuine compassion and that I am able to connect so many wonderful ladies with one another. If you were to ask me if I thought bodybuilding would shape my life into what it is today, my answer would be no! I feel empowered when sharing with others because I know where they are now is about to blossom and turn into something much bigger and unimaginable. There is no better feeling than achieving your goals and seeing all the discomfort and challenges pay off. There is nothing greater than being a part of a community of badass women who are standing beside you as you all show up for yourselves, enthusiastically, and representing our future as elite women together in the world of fitness.

- Shelby Pierce, IFBB Bikini Pro | IG @shelbypierceifbb