Participating in a Fitness Competition? Here’s What to Consider When Choosing a Bikini

Participating in a Fitness Competition? Here’s What to Consider When Choosing a Bikini

If you are participating in a fitness competition, it is important that you choose the right bikini that accentuates your strong features and emphasizes your strengths. Remember your bikini could make or break your look! The wrong competition bikini may not correctly highlight your winning traits. If your bikini isn’t right for you, you may feel uncomfortable in it which could damage your confidence.

 To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of things to consider when buying a bikini for a fitness competition. Take a look.

Cuts and Styles

Bikini tops are available in a variety of cuts and styles. When choosing a style, consider your body type, features and federation requirements. Here are some different types of bikini top cuts:

  •  Regular molded bikini top: These bikini tops are made from curved foam cups that are cut in different shapes. They have pockets for extra padding and permanently stitched straps. Molded cups that are designed to provide support and enhance your breasts.
  •  Underwire bikini top: These are ideal for participants who prefer the look and feel of an everyday underwire bra instead of one of the other varieties of bikini tops.
  •  Drawstring molded bikini top: A drawstring molded bikini top combines the best of both worlds as it provides shape and support while also allowing you to adjust the space between the cups to suit your preference.

Your Division

Federations usually have rules and regulations regarding bikini cuts and styles that can be worn by participants in different divisions. Failure to comply with regulations can result in disqualification.

 After months of hard training, discipline and dieting, it’d be a shame if you got disqualified because you chose the wrong coverages for your suit. Research your division’s rules in advance. Call up the organizer’s office to check with them if you need additional confirmation.

Your Hair Color 

When choosing a suit color, consider what color your hair will be on show day (skin pigment and eye color included too).

  • If you are a brunette, stick to cooler tones such as emerald, dark blue, purple, etc. This will help balance out your moderately dark features and make sure you shine on stage. Depending on the color of your eyes, pick a cool tone that will make it pop!
  • Those with red hair or natural red heads will look beautiful in vibrant colors such as emerald, deep red, or deep blue.
  • Gold, silver, coral, red, turquoise, hot pink, aqua and blue tones best complement blonde and lighter hair colors.

Your Skin and Eye color

On competition day, your skin will be a few shades darker as you apply tan to accentuate your muscles and physique. Test your tanning product before competition day to get an idea of how dark your skin tone will be on that day. Be sure to consider your eye color as well when selecting a bikini color.

Toxic Angelz Bikinis is committed to helping all fitness competition athletes look their best on show day. Whether you need help choosing the right bikini color or deciding the right type of bikini coverage, we have got you covered. To place your order, call (925) 338-1516 or book a consultation here.