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The Importance of a Posing Routine

So, What’s a Posing Routine? 
Written by Francesca Galea


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A posing routine is performed by an athlete in front of a panel of judges to highlight the physique they have to offer. The routine itself should be seen as artwork and you are the art. To me, it is the most important part of prep; yet, also the shortest. Being on stage is a huge blessing and you want to use this time effectively. Your job is to convey to the judges and audience just how much this prep meant to you; and why you deserve to win!

So few athletes dedicate the amount of time needed for their individual choreography; when it is a crucial component to their journey! Lately, what I am seeing is a lot more hair tosses and a lot less fine-tuned flexing. Here’s the reality…the judges love the flair, and are of course looking for a wow factor, but this is still a body-building contest after-all!

Your individual routine should consist of your athlete walk, mandatory poses, transitions, fluidity, stage presence, grace and most importantly; beautiful full muscles and the ability to show them off! Posing is very challenging, and practice should commence as soon as you decide on a show!

What is Required?

As a posing coach, my first question is always: “What federation/category are you competing in?” It is so important for every athlete to review the requirements for your stage presentation, before you begin choreography. Some federations require a T walk; L walk, salute only, 15 seconds or 1:30.

They can have you entering from down stage left or upstage right. Are you competing in the morning or evening? Will you compete in more than one category, and are there any additional components they are requesting?

The most important part of your posing routine is knowing your federation’s mandatory poses and how to transition into and out of them. Some contests will even have requirements on heels, jewelry, and especially bikinis! Be sure to know these rules and what is required of you, the athlete, before you register.

Why should you hire a coach?

Every athlete needs a posing coach, especially if you are just getting started. There is no way you can hit that stage without getting a second pair of eyes on you… so, they might as well be trained ones!

Having a professional “clean up” or enhance your posing routine, could be exactly what your prep needs. Not only will your routine have a very polished look to it, you will stand out from other competitors who may not have taken a lesson before. Hiring a coach to help choreograph a routine crafted for your body, will help you highlight your best angles and give you confidence while performing. A finessed/coached routine; WILL set you apart on stage. Don’t forget, all of the small details in the feet, hips, waist, hands, and eyes matter!

  Practice Your PosingFitness Coach

With or without a posing coach; it is    still on you to rehearse and study the routine you have. You are still the expert on you, and YOU know all your best angles. I set myself up for a successful posing session and handle it like I would a lift; or cardio. Posing gets its own time too! Do your best to rehearse intentionally and not just go through the motions of the movements. If your body is not warm enough, you can have a hard time hitting the deepest expression of the pose and may even experience 

tightness and some mild pain to start. I also recommend athletes get comfortable filming themselves and watch it back often. This will strengthen the connection visually to the movements you are creating with your body. Ask yourself; is this highlighting all the parts of my physique? Would I be happy presenting this to a panel of judges, can I try shifting my weight a little more here?


Hit the Mark

Ladies, you did not just kill that entire prep only to rush yourself off stage! It is now time to show off all that hard work! So, make sure you are hitting your marks!

The wonderful stage crew/management team will almost always tape down a “box/square” sized frame on the stage floor. This will be located downstage center; for you to present within. It is imperative that you hit this box! Most federations will invest the most money into their lighting and stage effects, this is on purpose! The reason is so you, the athlete, can have the best stage photos!

I repeat, do not stand in front of, beside or behind the box. Get right inside it! This “hitting of your mark” will also allow you to be in the ideal spot for the judge’s panel and demonstrate to them that you read and understood their requirements!

Have Fun!

Posing is 99.9% of the time the athletes favorite part of it all, so don’t tread lightly. Get in those heels and get started! This routine is geared towards you, so show them what you got. Stay smiling, poised, and controlled. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. The stage portion of your prep is over before you realize, so by executing your routine with ease, you will land some pretty incredible stage shots! Don’t forget to celebrate all your hard work after the stage portion of your show is complete.

Disclaimer: Posing is never easy and it will never be “perfect.” Posing is the biggest Mind/Muscle connection you need to train; it involves every single part of your physique! Your body will keep changing and so will your routine. The top pros in the world make posing a priority because they acknowledge just how integral it is to their success!

If you are interested in more information on how to create your individual posing routine, email: francesca.s.galea@gmail.com.

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