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We Guarantee Our Crystals!

We Guarantee Our Crystals
Written by Mary Quimson

We stand by the quality and longevity of our crystals! We use the highest quality crystals that are comparable to Swarovski, called Preciosa Maxima. Swarovski discontinued wholesaling to small companies, so we are unable to carry them in stock. The only way we’d be able to purchase Swarovski crystals is through retail pricing, which would increase the price of our competition suits tremendously.

In order to keep our prices low and carry budget-friendly suits, we use Preciosa Maxima crystals. These are the highest quality crystals that are comparable to Swarovski in terms of sparkle, durability, and variety in color.

Our Guarantee

Our crystals are heat-pressed onto the suit to ensure that none will fall off. With that being said, we do understand that sometimes there are machinery or production errors that may cause a loose crystal or two. Rest assured; we will be happy to replace the crystals on your suit FREE OF CHARGE! :)

Feel at ease knowing that your competition suit is made to last! Click here to view our Scratch Test on one of our competition suits!


 Customer Service

If you are having issues with a loose crystal or two, please send us an email to our customer service team at to request assistance. You will need to include a photo of the area that you are having issues with.

Proper Storage and Cleaning

If the loose crystals are caused by improper cleaning techniques (dry cleaning, wrong soap, etc), we may charge a fee in order to replace the missing crystals. Please use proper cleaning techniques as demonstrated in our Cleaning Tutorial here

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