What to Look for in a Coach

What to Look for in a Coach

Whether you’re a competitor or just looking to take your training to the next level, it pays to have an experienced coach by your side. A good coach will help you set realistic goals, provide guidance & feedback on technique, and motivate you to keep reaching for success — but what should you look for when choosing a coach?

Choosing the right coach is an important part of any successful fitness journey. When searching for a great coach, look for someone who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential in the sport. They should also have extensive experience from competitive wins or certifications, be able to assess physical condition to create a unique plan for you, and motivate you with fresh ideas.

Here are some of our top tips:

Look for someone who is passionate about helping others succeed in competitions. You can tell this from their enthusiasm towards the sport as well as how they speak about it in interviews or on social media. Ladies, you want to find someone who gets excited for YOU!

Make sure that your coach has specific experience in the form of competitive wins or certifications. It's important to know that your coach has a real-world understanding of what it takes to be successful at competitions.

Find someone who can assess your physical condition and help you create a plan tailored to your individual needs. A great coach should understand nutrition, rest, and recovery for maximizing results.

Look for someone open-minded and motivating — the perfect coach will make training more fun by cheering you on and pushing you outside of your comfort zone with fresh ideas and energy. Competing can be serious, but if you aren’t having FUN you’re not doing it right.

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