When Should You Order Your Competition Bikini

When Should You Order Your Competition Bikini

“When should I order my competition bikini?”

 This is one of the most common questions we hear most frequently from competitors looking to enter the competitive scene. We recommend ordering your suit 12-14 weeks before competition day to make sure it has the right look and fit for competition day. Ordering early is a great way to ensure you have ample time on your hands and can follow up in case something goes wrong. 

 Custom competition suits take about 4 weeks to create. We do offer 1-2 week rush options available as well, but we urge athletes to order early to avoid that stress. Waiting too long to order your competition suit could prove to be a grave mistake as it induces stress for both parties.

 If you need fabric swatches to view the colors in person, make sure you leave enough time in the ordering process. Fabric swatches ship within 7 business days and can be delivered within 3-5 business days. Custom fabric orders will take longer. If you are looking for a fabric that is not listed on our website, please allow 1-2 weeks for us to order the fabric. This would be an example of a custom fabric order.

 A bikini made from custom fabric help you stand out from the crowd and is made specifically with you in mind. However, custom fabric can also increase the time needed to create your suit.

 Adding crystals to your suit help both you and your suit shine! When ordering a custom bikini, you want to work with a company who takes pride in their suits looking just as great on the 100th use as they do on the first. Crystal quality is a HUGE difference between bikini companies, so why risk going somewhere else when Toxic Angelz uses some of the highest quality crystals available.

 Suits are sewn and shipped closer to your show date. This completion date can be anywhere between 3-6 weeks before your show date. If this is your first time competing, we record your final measurements and take in a little more to compensate for cutting. If this is not your first time ordering a suit, we recommend using the high hip bone measurement from previous shows as a guide. If there was a lot of weight that fluctuated, we do offer free suit adjustments for all of our suits. You will just need to fill out the adjustment form online and ship the suit back to us for adjustments.

 For clients who cannot wait to try on their new suit, this option is done only on request: Designers can send it early without sewing down the back to the connectors. The back is held in place with safety pins. The client can mail their suit back to the designer 3-4 weeks before competition day so they can sew down the back to the connectors to their final measurements. Another option is to take the bottoms to a local seamstress to sew it together (most convenient and easiest option if you live far from our offices).

 At Toxic Angelz Bikinis, we are committed to helping fitness and figure competition participants look their best on competition day. We have years of experience designing basic and custom posing suits. Our ability to enhance suits with quality accessories sets us apart from the competition. To schedule a consultation, call (925) 338-1516 or to customize your dream bikini, click here.